Spazio3D's Planars Module adds the possibility to create and edit complex 2D elements more easily than the simple poliline management.

This module allows to create the following entities:

  • Isosceles, equilateral and rectangular triangles;
  • Opposit vertex and fixed height rectangles;
  • Regular Polygons (with center and radius or according the side lenght);
  • Circles (centre and radius, or according 2 or 3 points);
  • Ellipses (according focuses and smallest semiaxes, according containing rectangle or according centres and radiuses);
  • Arches with several construction types;
  • Half circle and quarter and eight of a circle.

This module also allows to edit the planar entities:

  • Open planar entities connection;
  • Lines Cutting;
  • Lines extention;
  • Vertexes rounding and smoothing.