Cabinet Plus

Spazio3D's Cabinet module is an advanced structure for the interactive creation of cabinets with a simple interface without requiring other Spazio3D's graphical functions.

This module allows the user to customize the cabinet by choosing from a wide range of structural features which are always updated according to the furniture's industry requirements. It also complies with the requirements from different geographic areas, this becoming an universal tool for a cabinet creation.

Here are some of the offered structural characteristics:

  • all the classic features for a normal cabinet, like lateral sides, top and bottom panels, stretchers, shelves and partitions;
  • advanced doors and drawers management, with the possibility to create your own fronts;
  • hardware management (hinges, drawer guides, handles, knobs);
  • detached toe kick management;
  • face framing management;
  • advanced warping functions which allow a various choice of shapings, from corner to rounded cabinets, up to industrial and sloped cabinets;
  • several connection types between the various panels in order to satisfy different needs;
  • insertion of automatic complements such as worktops, cornices and skirting boards.

It's possible to set several preference profiles which can start a new command with some of the already available parameters, according to the standard chosen by the customer, in order to make it the cabinet creation as simple as possible.

The inexperienced users can rely on a simple cabinet assistant, to allow absolute beginners to familiarize with this feature with few clicks.

The user can use this command to create his own standard archive, which can be employed in every time by the customer who wants to create various types of rooms to satisfy any structural need.

This module can be fully integrated with the CAM module. This allows to design the cabinet and in the meantime decide which elements should be produced and how they should be assembled.