Optimization & Nesting

Spazio3D's panels optimization places single panels into bigger panel sheets in order to waste as less material as possible.

Suitable for production with nesting CNC machine or CNC beamsows, it allows a drastic scraps and time reduction.

It's also possible to calculate an optimization according the warehouse management, optimizing the pieces according to the different types of sheets available in the stock.

This configuration can be matched with the assembly scheme module and used to generate automatically the CNC machinings or as a printed reference during the manual panel cutting.

This module is available both for cutting machines and for pantographs.

Pantograph nesting

It's possible to generate different nesting arrangements and save the most suitable one through different algorithms updated and improved day by day.

  • Rectangular;
  • Rectangular for rest optimization;
  • Rectangular for yeld optimization;
  • Trueshape (additional module).

An additional sub-module allows to recover, pick and warehouse the reusable remains.