Spazio3D is a modular product available in a wide range of versions which can fulfill all furniture industry-related needs.
Its modular structure can be adapt to different customers' needs, both from the functional and budget point of view, by offering a customised version.

Spazio3D has a flexible software engine which makes it possible to translate any type of language, and to make the product usable for each type of user.

Spazio3D has a wide set of tools which perfectly integrates with other informative systems. This permits to print several documentations such as technical reports, quotations and to rely on an external ERP software.

Spazio3D offers different fucntionalities to the end user:

  • Assembley of type of cabinets or objects;
  • Composition of every type of unit: private, commercial, artisan etc.. from a single room up to an entire building;
  • Management of advanced structural features such as sloped ceilings or curved walls for a faster furniture design;
  • Specific solutions for naval furnishing;
  • Tools to help sellings thanks to appropriate documentation printings;
  • Management of the entire production process thanks to an automatic generator of several technical reports;
  • Generation of technical cards for a complete offers different fucntionalities to the end user, from raw materials to finished objects;
  • Management of CAM machinings for the production on a CNC machine;
  • A wide number of post processors from the most important CNC brands;
  • Panels nesting;
  • Costs management module through production planning and warehouse movements;
  • Management of archived products and financial statements.

Choose your industry

  • Joinery

    The perfect solution for those who produces customized furniture managing different production phases. From the project, through the automatic calculation of all the production information.

  • Industry

    Suitable for industries with serial and customized furniture production with an advanced production management, from the stock movements up to the orders.

  • Interior Designers

    It offers to the interior designers a complete tool able to create every type of 2D or 3D objects thanks to standard CAD commands.

  • Furniture Retailers

    It cover all the needs a furniture retailer has: from a simple assembly function with a complete library up to the advanced versions with photorealistic effects.

  • Marble Plastic Glass

    Able to fully manage the most common functionalities pertinent to the production of marble, plastic and glass.