Cutting and Hardware List Management

Spazio3D's Cutting and Hardware List module allows the user to obtain a cutting list of the desired elements in the project sorted by codes, quantities and followed by the hardware list.

The label printing with barcode management is included in this module.

The cutting list layout is manageable according to the user's needs.

It's possible to obtain measurements of doth raw and finished panels. The list can either include the whole project, only some selected entities sorting them by subcomponents if requested.

With the exportation tool is possible to export this list into several external softwares such as panel optimisers or directly to some automatic beam saws.

This module is included in the entry level versions Spazio3D CAB CAM and Spazio3D CAB CAM Design and in all versions with the CAM module or in the "Machinings management without CAM output" module.