Spazio3D TOP CAM

Spazio3D TOP CAM is the version for tops’ manufacturers. It contains several tools suitable for worktops production and for its management.

Thanks to the assembly module it is possible to compose environments furnishing them with completely customizable tops:

  • Any shape worktop creation;
  • Joint between worktops calculation;
  • Dashboards, holes and tiling management;
  • Automatic dimensioning of all properties.

It’s also possible to manage the associated CAM machinings for various CNC brands.

This version also includes:

  • Cutting List Creation;
  • Hardware List Creation;
  • Automatic Dimensioning Tools for technical printouts;
  • Label Management;
  • Edges Management;
  • Aboundances Management.

Spazio3D TOP CAM is an entry level version and cannot be integrated with other modules.

Top Cam modules

  • Default
  • Title
  • Date
  • Random

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