Spazio3D Supervisor

Spazio3D Supervisor is a working tool that checks whether a given transaction is carried out to perfection by following all the rules and guidelines.

The main task of this application is to move the warehouse quantity of material stocking one or more production machines; allows you to import individual orders or lists of files managing the priorities of individual loads, unloads or simple movements.

Some of the information managed:

  • code;
  • description;
  • dimension;
  • priority;
  • quantity;
  • material;
  • grain direction;
  • associated cutting scheme;
  • etc.

Once imported, the jobs may be ordered, suspended or deleted in accordance with these priorities and user interface suggests the manager of supply warehouse, the order in which the material will be worked.

In any time you can see the amount of material available and the missing ones, the current height and the maximum height of the individual stack being able to see the tipologies.