Spazio3D CAB-CAM

Spazio3D CAB CAM is the basic version for carpenters.

It's an entry level version which allows to create and edit Cabinets, as well as manage all necessary processes for the subsequent production on CNC machines.

The automatic CNC file creation for every CNC brand allows an instant communication with the machine without any margin of error.

As guaranteed by the CAM module, Spazio3D CAB CAM allows the parametric creation and management of machinings like drillings, dowellings, groovings and blade cuts.

This version gives also the possibility to print cutting lists and automatic labels for the various components.

Cab Cam modules

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  • Spazio3D's Cabinet module is an advanced structure for the interactive creation of cabinets with a simple interface without requiring other Spazio3D's graphical
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  • The CAM module (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is an additional module that can be bought and activated for any version used to create
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  • Spazio3D's Cutting and Hardware List module allows the user to obtain a cutting list of the desired elements in the project sorted
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  • Spazio3D's panels optimization places single panels into bigger panel sheets in order to waste as less material as possible. Suitable for production
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