Spazio3D Professional Plus

Spazio3D Professional Plus is a complete version which contains the full Cabinet 4.0 module in addition to a complete library able to complete every type of locations and several tools to manage quotations or create photorealistic effects.

Spazio3D's cabinet module allows to create and modify standard, corner, rounded and ended cabinets, up to the sloped and warped elements

The parametric creation and adjustment of horizontal and vertical panels allows to create new elements, straight or shaped.

Spazio3D Professional contains a module that allows to:

  • Make Quotations;
  • Manage Orders to Suppliers.

The assembly module allows the user to match different cabinets saved in the library to plan every type of room, making it possible to easily use these elements in different projects.

The assembly module includes the following group libraries:

  • Kitchen;
  • Bathroom;
  • General Furnishing (living room, bedrooms, etc);
  • Offices.

This version has the possibility to import/export different software extensions such as:

  • DXF;
  • 3DS;
  • WRL (VRML);
  • STL;
  • Collada (DAE).

Other different graphic tools to create the design such as:

  • Room creation tools such as walls, floors, ceilings etc;
  • More than 100 Door/Drawer Models;
  • A complete library with more than 10000 elements;
  • Structural elements like Doors and Windows;
  • Parametric out of square cabinet;
  • Horizontal and vertical panels creation and management;
  • Textures management;
  • Standard and automatic dimensioning functions;
  • Free Hand Effect;
  • Interactive printings management;
  • Lights management (spotlights, lamps, etc.);
  • Photorealistic Effect.

This version can be integrated with all the additional modules described on the specific page.

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