Spazio3D Small Business

Spazio3D Small Business is the version for the user who wants to obtain an advanced photorealistic effect and as well management a quotation according the assembly functionalities.

Spazio3D Small Business contains a module that allows to:

  • Make Quotations;
  • Manage Orders to Suppliers.

For this version the assembly module includes a free choice of only one of these groups:

  • Kitchen;
  • Bathroom;
  • General Furnishing (living room, bedrooms, etc);
  • Offices.

Other different graphic tools to create the design such as:

  • More than 100 Door/Drawer Models;
  • Structural elements like Doors and Windows;
  • Dimensioning Functions;
  • Automatic Element Dimensioning;
  • Lights management (spotlights, lamps, etc...);
  • Free Hand Effect;
  • Advanced Photorealistic Effect.

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